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Industrial Computer Peripherals

Advantech Industrial Computer Peripherals provide Graphic Cards, SNMP system manager, Riser Cards, Power Supplies and Extension Modules. Advantech offers versatile rackmount/wallmount peripherals to help System Integrators build space-saving and easy-to-operate computer systems through graphic cards, SNMP system manager, riser cards, power supplies and extension modules. Under our complete power supplies portfolio, you may optimize power efficiency with ATX, Redundant, PS/2, and Small Form Power Supplies.

Product Categories

  • Industrial Graphics Cards

    Advantech's Industrial Graphics Cards/VGA Cards are equipped with dual display support and TV-out features. Industrial Graphics cards/VGA card interfaces include PCI and AGP.

  • Riser Cards

    Advantech Riser Cards provide scalability and flexibility for PCI Express(PCIe) expansion slots and 1U/2U systems with Advantech industrial motherboards. We have a wide selection of riser cards for use with motherboards having a PCI Express or PCI slot, integrated into the system to allow the additional cards in a horizontal position. Advantech offers high performance riser cards for a full range of industrial motherboards.

  • SNMP System Manager

    Advantech SNMP system manager is an intelligent system management module for efficient system monitoring and out-of-band management. Notifying users to take necessary action to avert system failure through multiple communication protocols, the SNMP manager helps in developing better system monitoring and provides an improved management environment.

  • Keyboards

    Advantech provides Industrial Rackmount Keyboards. Advantech's rackmount keyboard products include keyboard drawer, keyboard with touchpad, and compact keyboards with multiple language options.

  • Power Supplies

    Advantech Power Supplies, including Power Adapters, ATX Power Supplies, Redundant Power Supplies, PS/2 Power Supplies, and Small Form Power Supplies. These power supplies stabilize electric current and optimize power efficiency, which increases system life. Our Power Supplies products, ATX, PS/2 Power Supplies and Redundant Power Supplies are compatible with Advantech’s boards and chassis, supporting a full range of rackmount and wallmount industrial systems, and carrying UL, CB, CCC, TUV, and RoHS certification. Advantech power supplies meet the needs of various industrial computer peripherals applications.

    • Power Adapters

      Advantech provides industrial computer peripherals, including power supplies. The power adapters include various AT and ATX PS/2-size power supplies, with power consumption ranging from 250W ~ 700W. Advantech power adapters meet your need for industrial computer peripherals.
    • Redundant Power Supplies

      Equips at least two power modules in one power supply, continually monitoring the feeding power supply units to provide the most reliable power solution for non-stop applications.
    • PS/2 Power Supplies

      Advantech provides industrial computer peripherals, including power supplies, which include ATX PS/2-size power supplies with power consumption ranging from 250W ~ 700W. Advantech PS/2 Power Supplies meet your need for industrial computer peripherals.
    • Small Form Factor Power Supplies

      Advantech provides industrial computer peripherals including power supplies. The small-form-factor power supplies are built slim, with efficient power consumption below 200 W for compact, wallmount chassis. These compact and flexible Power Supplies, comply with Flex ATX standard, additionally featuring Active PFC and the Remote ON/OFF to assure High efficiency and reliability. Advantech small-form-factor power supplies meet your need for industrial computer peripherals.
  • Accessories

    Advantech provides various accessories such as connectors and cables, slide rails, industrial disk trays and CPU coolers. Whether it’s cables or CPU coolers, Advantech gives you a variety of choices for different product types to support your industrial computer.

    • Industrial Disk Tray/ Bay

      Advantech gives you a variety of Industrial Disk Trays/ Bays for different product types. Delivering professional-grade solutions, our products feature hot-swap allowing you to quickly swap hard drives in and out of a computer without having to open the computer case; ensures quickness and safety when replacing drives witha mobile rack system.
    • CPU Coolers

      Advantech gives you a variety of CPU Coolers for different product types. Incorporating a dedicated fan with a heat sink base to improve thermal efficiency, our CPU Coolers keep your CPUs working within safe operating temperatures. You can find both Copper and Aluminum fan heat sink in our CPU Coolers product line, all of which bring you space-saving, enhanced performance, and increased lifespan reliability. Advantech CPU coolers support your industrial computers.
    • Slide Rail

      Advantech gives you a variety of slide rails for different product types. Thin and easy to install, our slide rails serve as an ideal linear guide for various applications. Advantech slide rails support your industrial computers.
  • Extension Modules

    Advantech provides TPM and IPMI modules to aid with industrial extension modules. We offer you Server-grade remote control IPMI module, and TPM modules compliant with TCG 1.2 specification for further extension. Advantech extension modules include TPM and IPMI modules, which are designed for Slot SBCs.

    • IPMI-1000

      IPMI2.0 Server-grade remote control solution
    • PCA-TPM

      Trusted platform module compliant with TCG 1.2 / 2.0 specification and TCG software stack 1.2 / 2.0 via LPC connector on CPU card.